Jonas, born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, comes from a family of musicians. Both of his parents write, sing, and play music, so it’s no surprise that Jonas is musically talented. Truth is, he’s a natural born singer. When the music starts and he steps up to the microphone, something magical happens. Singing from his heart, he has one those unique and memorable voices that you seldom hear. He has his own style, and it’s real.


When Jonas had his first opportunity to sing lead on a demo recorded on Music Row, it was like he’d been singing in the studio all his life. With encouragement from family, friends and Nashville musicians who have heard him sing, Jonas finally made the decision to begin recording songs for his first project as an artist.  

Recently Jonas decided to try his hand at song writing. Well, so far so good.  He just finished recording songs for his first album, Wolfe Country, and he co-wrote three of them,  "Birmingham", "Old Whiskey", and  "I Still Got Feelings For You".

Jonas Wolfe on hay bail

Just for fun, here's a picture of Jonas' Great Grandfather, Ernest Tackett, taken in the late 1940's … a tried and true moonshiner during the Great Depression. His "family recipe" was in high demand around the hills of eastern Kentucky. Jonas says that every time he sings "Moonshine Margaritas" he can't help but think of his Great Papaw.